Personal Charging Case (PCC) User Guide

How To Charge The PCC

Plug the Micro USB Cable into the external left bottom side of the PCC case.
Plug the other end of the cable into any USB compatible power source (eg the USB port on your computer or a mains adapter) and switch the power on.

The PCC LCD display will glow blue and a large horizontal battery icon will indicate that the PCC is charging.
If there are battery sections filled within the LCD display, this means the PCC has no charge. Each solid, battery section within the LCD display indicates a quarter of the charge is full, until the point that the all 4 battery sections are full, at which point the PCC case is charged.

You can check the PCC charge at any time by pressing the long 'function' button immediately below the LCD screen on the front of the PCC.

How To Charge Your Battery With The PCC

Your electronic cigarette batteries can be charged within the PCC one at a time. The PCC and battery can be charged at the same time, or you can of course use the PCC case to charge individual batteries when you are on the move.

To charge your battery, open the PCC lid. The far right hole is used to store the e cigarette that you are currently using, and the hole second from the right is the battery charging area. The other holes can be used to store your spare cartomisers.

You just need to fit the battery to be charged into the battery charging slot screw side down / LED end upwards and then close the PCC lid.

Once the battery is in place, you need to press and hold the long 'Function' button immediately below the LCD screen on the front of the PCC until the LCD screen turns orange/red (about 3-5 seconds) and a small vertical battery icon with a lightning bolt appears on the right of the LCD screen, which is the indicator that the battery is charging.

Inside the PCC, the battery glow-end glows during charging, and when the battery has fully charged, it will switch itself off.

You can check on the battery charging process at any time by doing the following:

- Pressing the long button on the front of the PCC (If the battery is still charging, the small icon will be displayed)
- Opening the PCC lid: If the battery is still charging, the glow-end flashes

Please Note:

If you open the PCC lid for more than 1-2 seconds whilst a battery is charging, the charging function will stop.

If this happens, you will need to start the battery charging process again, using the steps above, and close the PCC lid.

The blue PCC LCD screen provides information about the PCC case charge itself.

The orange/red PCC LCD screen provides information about both the PCC and the internal charging battery.

The LCD screen automatically switches itself off after 5 seconds to save energy but the charging functions will continue.

You can also "lock" the PCC by pressing the 'function' button 5 times within 3 seconds, to unlock this just press the 'function' button 5 times within 3 seconds again.