Top Tips For Vapers

With the increasing popularity, many individuals in the United Kingdom and across the globe have started vaping with an electronic cigarette. It basically includes a small cartridge containing nicotine, a cartomizer and a battery. When the atomizing device heats up, the e liquid inside it turns into a vapour, which looks and feels like traditional smoke.

There are vapers who initially find this a difficult transition, however we have some tips to help when starting out in order to make the smoking experience more enjoyable:

  • Before using electronic cigarette, charge the battery. With a fully charged battery, ecig will produce the largest amount of vapour, thereby, letting you enjoy the pleasure of smoking to the fullest.
  • When selecting your flavour, pay attention to the nicotine level present in it. If you smoke an ultra-light cigarette, it may be best to begin with a low nicotine cartomiser.
  • When acclimatizing yourself to the process and taste, take shallow & slow drags initially in order to ‘prime’ the electronic cigarette prior to the full draw. This can help to ready the e-cigarette and increase the vapour produced.
  • There are many manufacturers who provide a wide variety of flavours like American Blend, Coffee, Tobacco, Vanilla, Cola, Menthol, Gold & Silver, Chocolate and more. Instead of going out for the best eliquid flavour, select the one you are comfortable with.

One thought on “Top Tips For Vapers”

  • Pretty basic advice if you ask me but still very useful. I have to specifically point out the second one which is paying attention to your nicotine level. One has to know what nicotine level he or she is into before actually trying out e-cigs. Sometimes when a heavy smoker opts for a lower nic level, he becomes dissatisfied or worse breaks his e-cigs ahead of time because of the constant drags he does unto his e-cigarettes. lol. Btw, may i know what is your favourite flavour?

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