The Big Price Comparison - Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette Expenditure

These are troubled times. The markets are falling, stocks are low, unemployment is at an all-time high and everyone is cutting costs.

You may have also altered your budget a bit, maybe by reducing the amount spent on shopping. Dining and other recreational activities. But there is an expenditure which is not necessary, is highly expensive and extremely hard to let go - your pack of cigarettes.

The average pack of cigarettes in the UK costs about £7.46 and prices can be increased anytime, in fact with every budget, the prices are raised. A smoker usually spends hundreds of pounds monthly on cigarettes. On the other hand, you can get an e cig starter kit for £22.49 or even less, the refill cartridges are then bought along with the potential of using your own e juice. A bit of clever maths shows that you can reduce your yearly smoking costs by a huge 80%. Once you start using, the cost of one e cig cartomiser, which lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes, comes down to just over £1, only a fraction of the cost that you have to pay compared to regular cigarettes.

The e cig starter kits are a one-time investment and later you need only buy refill cartridges or e-liquid for refilling.

If you become a vaper, you can see how the savings begin to rack up. What’s more, you don’t have to give up on the smoking experience as e cigarettes offer a similar physical and tactile satisfaction. Head online, E cig users have shared their pocket friendly experiences, and see for yourself how electronic cigarettes helped them make substantial savings.

2 thoughts on “The Big Price Comparison - Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette Expenditure”

  • Electric cigarettes has to be one of the most reounotivlary inventions ever. I drink a lot with friends and for some reason get an overly compelling need to smoke and would burn through like 4 or 5 cigs the same night. When I use an e-cig not only is it 100% safer but I find myself smoking even less than I used to. I even turned all my friends on to e-cigs rather than the real thing. My uncle who smoked so much tried cold turkey and failed. I bought him an e-cig and he's never going back

  • Electronic Cigarette is best alternative of traditional cigarette. Because E cigarette does not contains any harmful ingredients like tobacco and tar. So it is better than traditional cigarette.

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