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  • Valentine's Day and special offers

    Why not treat yourself and your loved one's to our February, Valentine's Day special offers?

    We have Valentine's Day special offers on our Starter Kits and E-Liquids.

    Our Super Starter kit contains everything you need to get started with your e-cigarette, including:
    2 x Rechargeable Black Batteries
    5 x Menthol or Tobacco Cartomisers (1.8% High, 1.4% Medium or 1.1% Low Nicotine).  Approximately 300 puffs each cartomiser.
    USB Charger
    UK Mains Adaptor
    User Manual
    Click here for our Super E-Cigarette Starter Kit.

    Our Micro Starter kit includes:
    1 x Rechargeable battery
    2 x Cartomisers (1.8% High & 1.4% Medium).
    1 x USB charger.
    Click here for our Micro E-Cigarette Starter Kit.

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    E cigarettes are the best alternatives for traditional cigarettes. They give the same satisfaction as smoking regular cigarettes because of their core ingredient - the e liquid.

    E liquid is the nicotine containing liquid used to refill cartridges and is also called e juice.

    All our E Liquid comes with child proof caps and and integrated droppers for applying e liquid to your cartomisers or atomisers.

    For Menthol E-Liquid click here.
    For Tobacco E-Liquid click here.

    Don't forget to add discount code FEBLIQUID at checkout.

    Visit our website for cartomisers, batteries and accessories etc.

  • FDA taking preventative action

    The US Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, are taking new steps to prevent the under age having access to flavoured e-cigarettes.  They are holding a public hearing on 18th January 2019.

    On the positive side, the FDA have confirmed that they have seen a decrease in the use of tobacco products in young people over the past few years.

    However, they have stated there has been an "alarming increase" in e-cigarettes during the same time.  Their main worry is the addiction to nicotine at such a young age.

    Based on a FDA survey, 81% of young e-cigarette users said that "the appealing flavours of the e-cigarettes were their primary reason for use".

    As we know, e-cigarettes were and still are produced as an aid to quit smoking. Plus a healthier option for those that already smoke.

    Our e-cigarette vapour contains none of the 4000+ chemicals and carcinogens that tobacco smoke produces.

    So start right away and order one of our Starter Kits.

    For our Starter kits click here

    *Don't forget to add our special offer code JANKITS at checkout.

  • E-cigarettes and vapes can help you quit smoking for good

    NHS UK have published an interesting article which states that "E-cigarettes and vapes can help you quit smoking for good".

    They go on to say that an estimated 2.9 million adults in the UK alone are now using e-cigarettes as a way to give up smoking.

    Whilst they have said that E-cigarettes aren't completely risk-free, it is infact 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

    It is important to remember that it is not necessarily the nicotine that is harmful to you. There are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, of which more than 70 are known to cause cancer, these are called carcinogens.

    These are some of the chemicals used in tobacco

    • Nicotine
    • Hydrogen cyanide
    • Formaldehyde
    • Lead
    • Arsenic
    • Ammonia
    • Radioactive elements, such as uranium (see below)
    • Benzene
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Nitrosamines
    • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

    Whilst many of these chemicals cause cancer, some also can cause heart disease, lung disease, or other serious health problems.

    They also go onto explain the different types of e-cigarettes and vapes to help you decide the best option for you.

    For the full article from NHS UK click here

    Don't delay order your Starter Kits today
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  • Special New Year Offers for Starter Kits

    Special New Year Offers for Starter KitsWorldwide Vaping Rules and Regulations

    Next year make it YOUR goal to give up smoking and start smart smoking with our Special New Year Offers for Starter Kits.

    At Ecigaretteweb, we offer exciting options of starter kits which rate high in both quality and durability.

    With a smokeless cigarette, you need a little more than a cigarette pack and a matchbox to get started. Ecig starter kit comes with all the components needed which come together to create a great ecig.

    We have a product category for all your needs. You can pick from a choice of our Micro Electronic Cigarette Kits to the Super Cigarette Starter Kits and enjoy a wide range of options to suit all tastes.

    Our starter kits include: a manual to take you through the entire assembly process, maintenance and replacement directives. Plus an atomiser, LED rechargeable batteries, battery charger and mixed cartridges or cartomisers.

    Purchase additional cartridges in either Mint/ Menthol or Tobacco.  Each flavour comes in several different strengths. Choose from High, Medium, Low or Zero.
    Click here for our cartomisers

    Choose your kit according to your needs as every kit is complete in itself.
    Click here for our Super Kits
    Click here for our Micro Kits

    Don't forget to add our special offer code DECKITS at checkout.

  • Merry Christmas




    Merry Christmas.

    Our warmest thanks and appreciation to all our friends and customers.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy and prosperous New Year.

    From all at eCigaretteWeb

    Click here for our website


  • Accessories by Ecigaretteweb UK

    Accessories by Ecigaretteweb UK are here to compliment your vaping experience.

    Super E Cigarette Case

    Use the e cigarette case to protect your e cigarette while on the move. The electronic cigarette case comes in a range of styles to suit your needs whilst providing maximum protection for your e cig.  They come in several colours, red, black and tartan. The case stores 2 batteries and 1 atomiser. It's really handy to carry your e cigs in and conveniently fits in your pocket or bag.

    Click here. Only £5.99 each

    Super Cigarette Battery

    Our Super E Cig battery can be used as a spare or replacement or simply to use whilst the other is charging.  Whilst the utmost attention to detail has been given to the manufacturing of our batteries, any cigarette battery will degrade with use over time.  Therefore, always useful to have a spare battery to hand.

    Click here.  Only £8.49

    USB Charger

    Another useful accessory is our USB charger. This can be used to charge your e cig whilst using your laptop or can be plugged into any USB port.

    Click here Only £5.99

    UK Mains E Cigarette USB Power Adapter

    Finally, this UK power adapter allows you to connect our e cigarette chargers in compatible devices.  This adapter is not a stand alone charger, therefore you will need to have a USB e cig charger.

    Click here Only £5.99

    For our full list of accessories click here.

  • E Cigarette Starter Kit

    All ready to head on to the path of smart smoking with an e cigarette? If so, make a grand entry with your very first E Cigarette Starter Kit.

    You can choose from a choice of Micro Electronic Cigarette starter kit or  Super Cigarette starter kit.

    Micro Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

    Vape in style with our handy kit that contains everything you need to get started with your e cigarette, including: 1 rechargeable battery, 2 cartomisers and 1 USB charger.

    Super Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

    This kit includes 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 cartomisers, 1 USB charger, 1 UK Mains Adaptor and 1 user manual.

    The life span of a cartomiser varies according to personal consumption pattern but on average 1 cartomiser lasts circa 300 puffs. Based on a regular cigarette, which is rougly 10 puffs, these cartomisers last approximately 30 cigarettes.  With the cost of these you can see how much cheaper it is to use the electronic cigarette rather than regular cigarettes.

    Replacement cartomisers are available for both our micro and super kits and they come in menthol/ mint or tobacco flavours.

    These cartomisers fit not only the RN4081B1 model but also the 510 model.

    Don't forget to quote OCTKITS at checkout and save £9 off full price.

  • Vaping Glossary

    Vaping Glossary

    Here you will find our Vaping Glossary.


    This will help you with the terminology of the vaping world.

    • Atomizer: Itis the heating element in an electronic cigarette.  As it gets warmer it, it vaporizes the e-liquid into just vapor.


    • Airflow: This is the amount of air sucked into an atomizer.  If the airflow is at its maximum normally you will have a smoother cooler vape.


    • Battery: The heating element’s power. E cigarette batteries vary between lithium polymer and lithium-ion and can be replaceable or integrated into the device. Click here for our batteries.


    • Cartomiser: A cartridge with a built-in atomizer. They can be disposable or refillable. Click here for our cartomisers.


    • Cartridge: This is a mouthpiece which is attached to an atomizer.


    • Clouds: The term used when blowing out massive vapors of flavoured smoke.


    • Cloudchaser: Someone who blows large clouds of vapor and normally takes part in competitions for cloud-blowing.


    • Coil: This is literally a coil of wire that acts as a metal conductor for the heating element.


    Also, we include in our Vaping Glossary:


    • Dripping:  This is the process of pouring the e-liquid directly onto the heating element, rather than using a cartridge or cartomizer.


    • Dry Hit: This will happen if the wick is dry because little or no e-liquid has been used.


    • E-cigarette or E-cig:  The abbreviation of electronic cigarette.


    • E-liquid:  This is the liquid used within electronic cigarettes. E-liquid vaporizes which then creates the vapor / clouds.  It is available in a wide range of flavours and strengths.  It generally consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine and flavourings. Also known as e-juice. Click here for our E-Liquids.


    • Mod: These are bigger and bulkier and slightly more complicated than the e-cigarette vape pen, which is similar in shape to a normal cigarette.


    • mA:  This is for Milliamp which is a unit used to measure current.  It will apply to the battery charging current. So therefore the higher the milliamps the faster a battery will charge.


    • mAh:  This is a unit for measuring electric power over time. It is usually used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at a time.


    • MG strength:  This is the amount of nicotine (in milligrams) in one milliliter of e-liquid. Written as mg/ml.


    • NRT:  The abbreviation of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.


    Also, we include in our Vaping Glossary:


    • Ohm: The scientific unit of electrical resistance.


    • Propylene Glycol or PG: A common ingredient for e-liquids. Also, used in many foods.  It produces less vapour than Vegetable Glycerine but adds to flavours.


    • Personal Vaporiser or PV: Just another name for an electronic cigarette.


    • Starter Kit:  FirstlyThis is a great way to start off your vaping experience as it has everything you need to start vaping. Including, 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 cartomisers (strength of your choice), 1 USB charger and 1 UK Mains Adaptor. Click here for our Starter Kits.


    • Vaping: This is the term for when you inhale or exhale the vapour produced by an e-cig.


    • Vegetable Glycerine or VG:  It is a clear liquid produced from plant oils and is used in the production of e-liquid.  It produces more vapour than Propylene Glycol and is sweeter in taste.


    • Voltage or VV:  This enables the user to control the voltage of an e-cigarette.


    • Variable Wattage or WW: This enables the user to control the wattage of an e-cigarette.


    • Wick:  The material that draws e-liquid onto the heating element.
  • Our Premium Starter Kit special offer

    Our Premium Starter Kit special offer:

    Premium Starter Kit special offer contains all you need to get underway with using your electronic cigarette.



    • Firstly, 2 x Rechargeable Batteries


    • Secondly, 5 x Menthol or Tobacco Cartomisers (1.8% High, 1.4% Medium or 1.1% Low Nicotine). These last approximately 300 puffs each.


    • Also, USB Charger


    • UK Mains Adaptor


    • User Manual

    Our ready-to-use electronic cigarette comprises of 1 E-cigarette battery and 1 E-cigarette cartomiser.

    The life span of a cartomiser varies according to your personal consumption pattern. On average 1 cartomiser lasts about 300 puffs.

    Replacement cartomisers are available for this electronic cigarette.

    Click here for additional cartomisers.

    Purchase our Cartomisers in either Menthol or Tobacco flavour and in the following strengths.

    • High - 1.8% / 18mg
    • Medium - 1.4% / 14mg
    • Low - 1.1% / 11mg
    • Also, Zero - 0mg

    Click here for our Starter Kits.

    Don't forget to quote AUGKITS at checkout.

    Since the nicotine level in our cartomisers is pretty straightforward, it is easy to make adjustments.

  • Our E-liquid special offers

    E-Liquid special offers

    At ecigaretteweb this month we have some E-Liquid special offers for you. We only sell the finest quality e-liquid, produced to the best specifications. Through extensive research and development we have delivered a premium quality e juice. A fact we are sure you will agree with once you have tried your first vape.

    E liquid is the nicotine containing liquid used to refill cartridges and is also called e juice. You can use our e liquid to fill either empty cartomisers or refill your old cartomisers. Giving you the ability to save even more money with your e cigarettes.

    We have 4 different strengths to suit your needs. High, Medium, Low or Zero nicotine.

    All our E Liquid comes fully with child proof caps and and easy to use droppers for applying e liquid to your cartomisers or atomisers.

    Please Note: When handling E Liquid it's important to remember that nicotine is a poison which must be treated with caution. Keep out of sight and reach of children and pets at all times. Always follow the instructions.

    Click here for all our e-liquids.

    Buy in bulk and save up to 15%.  Don't forget to quote AUGLIQUID at checkout.


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