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    For all your E Cig extras and accessories

    Here at eCigaretteWeb we can offer you many accessories and E Cig extras.  Our range of accessories will optimize the performance of your e cig.

    Our super e cigarette battery can be used as a spare whilst you are charging another one or as a replacement.  All working parts in the battery can depreciate with time and use.

    Also available are our chargers, from our UK mains USB power adapter, a USB charger and the car charger.
    The UK main USB power adapter allows you to connect our e-cigarette chargers directly to it. This adapter is not a stand alone charger, it requires you to already have a USB e cig charger.
    Online NOW we are offering 10% off on all our E Cigarette chargers.

    The Super E Cigarette case currently comes in red and tartan.  This great little case stores 2 E cig batteries and 1 atomiser. It fits conveniently in your pocket or bag protecting your e cig whilst you are on the move.

    E Cigarette atomisers have the function of converting e liquid containing nicotine into vapours. If, when you inhale your e cigarette it does not produce vapours, it could be possible that your atomiser has out lived itself.  Simply, replace your atomiser to return your e cigarette to it's normal functional state.


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