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  • Starter Kits special offer

    Starter Kits

    We have two kinds of Starter Kits, here are our Starter kits special offer.

    Our Super Starter kit contains all you need to start using your e-cig, including:

    • firstly, 2 x Rechargeable Black Batteries
      5 x Menthol or Tobacco Cartomisers (1.8% High, 1.4% Medium or 1.1% Low Nicotine).
    • These last approximately 300 puffs each.
      Also, USB Charger, UK Mains Adaptor and User Manual.

    Our ready-to-use electronic cigarette comprises of 1 e-cigarette battery and 1 e-cigarette cartomiser.

    • The life span of a cartomiser varies according to your personal consumption. On average 1 cartomiser lasts about 300 puffs.

    Click here for our Super Starter Kits.

    • Our Micro Starter kit includes:
      firstly, 1 x Rechargeable Black Battery
    • secondly, 2 x Cartomisers (1 x High & 1 x Medium). These also last approximately 300 puffs each.
      USB charger.

    Click here for our Super Micro Starter Kits.



    Both additional and replacement cartomisers are available for our e-cigarettes. Purchase our Cartomisers in either Menthol or Tobacco flavour and in the following strengths.

      • High - 1.8% / 18mg
      • Medium - 1.4% / 14mg
      • Low - 1.1% / 11mg
      • Zero - 0mg

    Click here for cartomisers.

    Don't forget quote MARKITS at checkout to ensure you get our Starter Kits special offer.

  • E Cigarette Cartomisers

    E Cigarette Cartomisers

    Enjoy our range of cartomisers for your electronic cigarette. E Cigarette Cartomisers are a cartridge and atomiser in one. This new type of cartridge combined with a disposable atomiser is a practical and cost effective alternative to cartridges and atomisers. Each cartomiser lasts around 300 puffs, and when finished you just replace with a fresh one and avoid having to refill or use another cartridge.

    Our Super Cigarette Cartomiser comes in different strengths so you can find a cartomiser to suit your needs.  We have offers for all our cartomisers, so buy in bulk and save. Click here for our menthol, tobacco or empty cartomisers.

    Our empty cartomisers allow you to fill them with the e-liquid of your choice. Click here for our e-liquid.

    Electronic Cigarette Cartomisers offer a cartridge and disposable atomiser in one unit. This removes the hassle of changing cartridges or fading atomisers. Once it is used you can replace with a new one and always enjoy a great vape experience. They offer an easy to use solution with strong vapour production.

    These contain the liquid and atomiser needed to produce the vapour for your Electronic Cigarette. This e cig vapour contains none of the 4000+ chemicals and carcinogens that tobacco smoke produces.

    How long does an e cigarette cartomiser last?

    This is dependent on the type of smoker you are but as an average, one electronic cigarette cartomiser lasts the equivalent of approximately 300 puffs. Based on a regular cigarette, which is roughly 10 puffs, these cartomisers last approximately 30 cigarettes. With the cost of these you can see how much cheaper it is to use the electronic cigarette rather than regular cigarettes.

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