SFATA – Making Electronic Cigarettes Safe

Recently, the US publication, Convenience Store News, has reported about a new electronic cigarette advocacy group which was just getting started.

  • This group has originated as the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). It is basically a consortium of North American e-cigarette distributors and retailers that are dedicated towards promoting the idea of self-regulation within the industry.
  • They initiated by attending an October 8 (2012) trade show in Las Vegas, where the team promoted their organisation and the ideals. “SFATA’s trade show debut was a huge success” quoted by PR Web.
  • The group did not only spread a word about self-regulation but also raised over $500,000 in voluntary donations. They have decided to use this money in promoting themselves and growing their organization.

It has been stated in SFATA literature that self-regulation is a great move to ensure electronic cigarettes safety without the intervention of government. They cited the efforts from the officials in the European Union, the World Health Organisation and U.S. FDA, who are looking forward to potential prohibitive e-cig legislation. Officials at SFATA stress on removing the need for any regulation by voluntarily establishing appropriate standards as well as members agreeing to this idea.

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