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  • E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience

    E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience.

    If you are new to e cigs, you could well be overwhelmed with their usage tips available all over the internet.

    There are many great sites offering:

    • news,
    • tips
    • and hints about how to use e cigs,
    • where to buy them from
    • and the multitude of flavours of e juice.
    • In fact the paraphernalia associated with e juice needs a bit of understanding as well.
    • But rest assured that if you find out the flavour and strength of electronic liquid which suits. You are set to enjoy a thoroughly satisfying smoking experience.

    Electronic cigarette suppliers provide e liquids in a number of flavours.

    You can choose from:

    • mouth-watering flavours
    • including fruity delights as well as popular tastes like coffee, cola
    • and of course the tobacco flavoured e liquid.
    • Take your pick also from apple, chocolate, cherry, american blend, menthol, vanilla, gold and silver flavoured e juices.

    As many have chosen e cigs as an alternative to regular cigarettes. It is not surprising that you are inclined towards trying the tobacco flavoured eliquid first.

    There are many tobacco flavours:

    • that imitate the taste delivered by popular cigarette brands
    • and using these will give you a very similar satisfaction as you get from a tobacco cigarette.
    • The simulation of smoking a real cigarette is helped with a tobacco flavoured e juice. But without the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke.

    You can choose the nicotine density ranging from ‘zero’ to ‘ super high’ in your e juice so there is a combination to suit all palates. We hope this basic beginner’s information is helpful for you. What flavours of e juice do you like? Share your views please.

  • No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users

    No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users.

    There is a new study which has come into light proving that e cigarettes are completely safe to be smoked. Also, The vapour released has no effect to passive vapers.

    There is a renowned study and research centre in Greece which has come out with a study titled:

    “Acute effects of electronic and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood count.”

    And can be found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22858449.

    The research was conducted by an ex WHO health expert. It studied the blood count levels of research participants who were made to breathe normally. Breathe e cig vapour and also breathe in tobacco cigarette smoke.

    The study concluded that:

    • there was an adverse effect on the smokers and passive smoker’s blood count only as a result of inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke.
    • And most importantly the smoker and passive smoker remained unaffected while breathing e cig vapour.
    • The results of the study showed:
    • that in case of smokers and passive smokers,
    • the complete blood count (CBC) indices shot up after inhaling
    • or being exposed to regular cigarette smoke and lymphocyte,
    • white blood cell, and granulocyte counts increased.
    • While when these people were exposed to the vapour released from the e liquid being vaporised, they remained completely unaffected.

    The research concludes on the note that:

    • there are other areas which need to be evaluated for consumer product safety of electronic cigarettes.
    • But one thing is certain according to this study. E cigs are completely safe to be smoked anywhere,anytime in public areas. The vapour does not cause any harm to the passive vaper.
    • So, when someone speaks of potential dangers of passive vaping, you know better than to believe them!
  • Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon

    Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon.

    Most of you ‘Twilight’ fans would know that:

    • our very own English actor Robert Pattinson has suffered a cruel heartbreak from cheating girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart.

    Also, Robert has been a vaper for some time now.

    His smoking choices made news:

    • firstly, when he was reported to be back to regular cigarettes.
    • secondly, post his traumatic and very public breakup.
    • And the latest we have from news sources in Hollywood is that Robert has healed sufficiently and is back to vaping. Way to go Rob!

    Also, There are a number of other Hollywood celebrities too. Who have taken to the alternative to cigarettes- the electronic cigarette.

    Perhaps the biggest publicity bubble was created by The Ugly Truth star Katherine Heigl:

    • who vaped on a popular TV chat show Late Show with David Letterman.
    • Katherine not only smoked an e cigarette but also endorsed them as free of the harmful toxins found in regular cigarette smoke.
    • Also, She aimed to prove that the vapour produced by the vaporised e juice was totally harmless to the people around smokers.

    Some of the other big names in showbiz include Kate Moss:

    • who has been seen vaping.
    • Also, The Inception star- Leonardo DiCaprio is also known to vape and has been spotted and duly photographed while vaping.
    • And who is to forget the scenes from the 2010 movie The Tourist where Johnny Depp was seen smoking e cigarettes.

    Do you know of any other celebs of the film or music industry who smoke electronic cigs? Share your insights via the comments below.

  • A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

    Ever since electronic cigarettes have come in to the picture. They have been followed by innumerable debates on their ‘health benefits.

    Some manufacturers across the UK pitch e-cig as a healthy choice for smokers. We have always strived to offer high quality e-cigs. The best alternative to traditional cigarettes with a great choice of e liquid flavours.

    A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

    Well, coming back to the e cig regulation we may soon see this taking shape as hinted by a report in The Sun. The report said that presently 2 million people in the United Kingdom have given electronic cigarettes a shot.

    And more than 1% of the total UK population consists of regular vapers. This means around 650,000 Britons smoke e-cigs on a regular basis. And the revelation of these figures has caused the Health Minister Simon Burns to look into the health concerns associated by E-cigs because they claim some have been “found to pose a potential danger”. The fact that tobacco cigarettes are given the ‘green light’ when they have been proven to be extremely harmful is a point to note.

    The MHRA has been quoted as saying “It’s illegal to sell e-cigarettes as a ‘quit smoking’ aid unless they’re licensed as a medicine.” The Shadow health minister Diane Abbott has however, made a statement in support of e cigs by saying that electronic cigarettes can be a big help for UK’s smokers but are being “held back by a lack of scientific research” on their functioning.

    What do you think? Are E cigarettes being held back? Drop in your views in the comments below.

  • Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

    Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

    The incident that happened on M6 raised concern among e cigarette users.

    A bus was stopped on the M6 because of vapour coming out of a faulty e cigarette. Armed police came in to deal with what they believed was a “major security threat”.

    It was all sorted out later as an innocent incident of a malfunctioning e cigarette of poor make.

    Do We Need to Map out Some E cigarette Etiquettes?

    The event created media frenzy as discussions were held about the freedom to smoke electronic cigarettes:

    • in public places
    • and transport systems- like a bus.
    • A BBC News article quoted Simon Clark, director of Smoking Lobby Group Forest, coming out in full support of e cigarettes. Also he declare them perfectly appropriate for restaurants.

    free delivery

    “I cannot see why you shouldn’t. They’re giving off a bit of water vapour but it’s nothing to concern anyone.

    ”The incident led to heavy speculation and industry experts came out with the idea of using discretion while vaping in public places"

    And this got us thinking- should there be an e cig etiquette guide or rule book too?

    Should vapers inform before smoking in an enclosed space (restaurant or a bus) so that sudden vapour in the room doesn’t alarm people. Or should the public in general be made aware of the safety of e cigs as a smoking device and that vapour released from e cigarettes is totally harmless for the non-smoker?

    As you know, one of the biggest advantages of switching to smokeless cigarettes from regular tobacco cigarettes is to be able to smoke anywhere anytime. Vaping is allowed almost anywhere. What do you suggest needs to be done? Tell us your thoughts.

  • Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes?

    Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes?

    Getting the news confirmed that there is a baby on the way. It is a special moment for every couple.

    The pregnant would be mum has to make several lifestyle changes almost immediately:

    • to ensure the proper and healthy development of her baby.
    • Giving up smoking is one of the things that the expectant mum has to do. It is also expected from the dad.

    Fathers who continue smoking should be aware of the health risks that they are exposing their families to. This is because tobacco cigarettes’ smoke has more than 4000 harmful ingredients.

    Inhaling these 4000 dangerous chemicals and more than three dozen carcinogens can be toxic for pregnant women and in turn their babies.

    That is why expecting fathers or even those planning to start a family should switch to electronic cigarettes. They are an alternative to smoking.

    They provide a similar physical and tangible satisfaction to that of traditional smoking. But do not produce any harmful smoke like regular cigarettes.

    Even when the baby is born:

    • it will be really harmful for him/her to be exposed to cigarette smoke.
    • You will have to go out for a smoke every time.
    • Why not choose electronic cigarettes? You can smoke anywhere you want because they just release vaporised e liquid. UK based vapers do not have to worry about the harmful smoke that is released with a regular cigarette.
  • The Rise and Rise of E-cig Users

    If you have been a vaper for long, you must have participated in any of the vape-meets held all over the country the year round.

    While you meet and share a ‘vapour rich experience’ or discuss your choice of e cigarette cartomisers with fellow vapers do you ever wonder how many e-cigarette owners are out there?

    It is too early to give a definite figure for 2012, but we have some numbers from 2011 that give you a better picture. Based on the sales conducted in the year 2011 across the UK, the number of current e-cigarette owners during the first quarter is believed to be close to 200,000. Now this figure denoting the number of vapers is a plausible minimum; because predictions of user growth made in 2010 point to about 300,000 e cigarette users in 2011.

    The electronic cigarette knocked on UK shores in early 2006, slowly established its market and started expanding its user base. The number of e cigarette smokers reached a humble 1000 in 2007. It was in 2008, however, when the growth rate picked up. The numbers grew from 5000 to 250,000 in four years. E cigarette usage grew rapidly – at a phenomenal rate of around 500% per year to 2011.

    This is the only rate at which the present user base could have been achieved.

    2006 - Humble beginning
    2007 - 1,000 vapers
    2008 - 5,000
    2009 - 25,000
    2010 - 125,000
    2011 - 250,000 - 300,000

    If we see the interpretations made from the Q1 2012 sales figures, it can be assumed that present rate of growth is a healthy 50% per year. Industry experts believe that the user base is expected to grow steadily with this annual rate (50%) till 2014.

  • E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide

    E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide.

    A report in Scotland on Sunday has brought to light once again the rapid and continual growth of the electronic cigarette market.

    E cig manufacturers and retailers have plans of expansion of their products and services to cater to the growing demand.

    Unofficial figures claim a growth of nearly 1000% over the last 12 months!

    The newspaper reported that the e cig industry in Scotland is expected to reach a highly impressive sales figure of some £250 million by 2014!

    The vaping scenario in the whole of the United Kingdom is also seeing rapid expansion. The UK electronic cigarette industry at Q1 2011 has been estimated to be worth about £5m to £10m a year. Business is good with a high number of kits. Also, refills and accessories are sold regularly.

    In fact, in the UK, some firms have declared annual earnings of over £1m in 2011.

    What’s more the smart smoking devices are steadily finding new markets. Also, they have moved beyond Europe and United States:

    • to reach Asia, South America and the Middle East.

    E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide

    Industry experts believe that presently:

    • there are more than 250,000 regular vapers in the UK
    • and the number of vapestick users in the United States is reaching close to the one million mark.
    • People are no longer intrigued by the product, rather hugely impressed by it.
    • The fact that people can smoke anywhere they want and try a number of flavours as well, has made electronic cigarettes quite popular in a short time.

    Steady and continued growth is expected in the e cigarette market. Manufacturers are working on producing the best e cigarettes yet. They are finding ways to enhance the product and provide a better user experience.

    Intense competition among e cig producers has led to:

    • users being offered the vaping experience at increasingly competitive prices.
    • The future is promising for industry and the vapers can look forward to a richer experience.
  • Do You Spend the Day Thinking Up Excuses for a Cigarette Break?

    One in every three workers is said to be not doing their job. They are not thinking of a business strategy, but of an excuse to go out and grab a smoke.

    The HR guys notice everything don’t they!

    A recent study by the Cooperative Pharmacy revealed that following the ban on smoking in workplaces - a third of smokers spend half the day thinking of excuses to get out of the office and grab a smoke. The survey was conducted among over two thousand workers in the UK engaged in a wide range of professions. The inclination of making excuses to smoke was seen in everyone from office workers, teachers, construction workers to health professionals.

    If one in three workers is spending their day dreaming up excuses, imagine what their productivity graph would look like. Respondents blamed stress for wanting to take a cigarette break - and this desire then extended to ‘wanting a break’ from work itself.

    The time spent on these cigarette breaks all through the day amounted to three quarters of an hour if the respondents took an average of 7 cigarette breaks with each break lasting around 6 minutes. However, with smokeless cigarettes you don’t have to come up with an excuse to smoke! A smokeless Ecig is the perfect alternative to regular cigarette - you will get the satisfaction of smoking without having to stop and be forced outside. Vape wherever you want, however you want!

  • The Big Price Comparison - Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette Expenditure

    These are troubled times. The markets are falling, stocks are low, unemployment is at an all-time high and everyone is cutting costs.

    You may have also altered your budget a bit, maybe by reducing the amount spent on shopping. Dining and other recreational activities. But there is an expenditure which is not necessary, is highly expensive and extremely hard to let go - your pack of cigarettes.

    The average pack of cigarettes in the UK costs about £7.46 and prices can be increased anytime, in fact with every budget, the prices are raised. A smoker usually spends hundreds of pounds monthly on cigarettes. On the other hand, you can get an e cig starter kit for £22.49 or even less, the refill cartridges are then bought along with the potential of using your own e juice. A bit of clever maths shows that you can reduce your yearly smoking costs by a huge 80%. Once you start using, the cost of one e cig cartomiser, which lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes, comes down to just over £1, only a fraction of the cost that you have to pay compared to regular cigarettes.

    The e cig starter kits are a one-time investment and later you need only buy refill cartridges or e-liquid for refilling.

    If you become a vaper, you can see how the savings begin to rack up. What’s more, you don’t have to give up on the smoking experience as e cigarettes offer a similar physical and tactile satisfaction. Head online, E cig users have shared their pocket friendly experiences, and see for yourself how electronic cigarettes helped them make substantial savings.

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