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  • Power Outage and Charging your Ecigarette

    Yes, to enjoy the uninterrupted pleasure of smoking your E-cig anywhere, you must have it charged all the time.

    • That said, there is no guarantee that you will have access to 24x7 electricity to charge your E-cig batteries wherever you go.
    • For instance what if you decide to spend the New Year in Philippines and there is a power outage, what will you do then?
    • That is why you must be one up against all odds (natural disasters or man-made ones!) with ways at hand to charge your E-cig batteries.
    • The first thing to do is to keep stock of e-cig cartridges/cartomisers as well as e-liquid with you. Sometimes you could be stuck in incessant rain or be snowed in, or the internet could be down for you, so you cannot place an order online.
    • You should therefore be well stocked for at least a couple of weeks (hopefully :) ). Another great move would be to have more than one; in fact have several electric cigarette chargers as well as batteries to act as backups.
    • Remember to always charge your batteries during the night so that during the day you can vape and do your work uninterrupted.
    • In case of power outage in your building, you can also rely on car battery chargers. These are a smart choice in case the area you are going to be in faces long power cuts.
    • These chargers will not only help you in the case of a road trip, but also when the electricity is out for days on end. So, what other ways can you think of keeping your ecig all charged up? Leave your views in the comments below.
  • A New E Liquid Standards Association Gets Formed in the US

    The e cigarette industry is growing across the world. Their popularity is growing at a rapid rate in the US. As a recent survey of convenience stores in the country conducted by UBS- the Swiss global financial services company, reveals.

    As per the survey of more than 10,000 stores, 82% of them stock electronic cigarettes and make a profit from selling them.

    Valentines day

    There is however a demand for transparency in the manufacturing and marketing norms of e cigarettes. Many US trade groups have come forward to take up the task of ensuring this ‘transparency.’

    The latest among such trade groups is the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association- which has announced its dedication in establishing a standard of producing e liquids and also assuring compliance by member companies.

    A New E Liquid Standards Association Gets Formed in the US

    One look at the AEMSA website and you learn of their primary objective of “creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of "e-liquids" used in electronic cigarettes.”

    The group consists of volunteer e liquid manufacturers from the US who are all supportive of the idea to define a standard of manufacturing and quality of the final product found in an e cigarette starter kit.

    There are certain sectors that are rallying against the electric cigarette industry. Maybe the formation of such groups will bring some sort of transparency in the e cigarette market.

    What do you think?

  • Stylish & Affordable Smoking Makes Ecigarettes More Popular Than Ever

    It is time you got on to the smarter smoking wagon- e cigs. Millions in the UK and around the world are already ‘vaping’ as we speak.

    So what makes e cigs such a raving trend? Is it the plethora of flavoured e-juices to choose from and get a new smoking experience everytime? Or the fact that e cigs are free of the thousands of toxic chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette smoke?

    Some vapers have shared their reasons of loving the e cig. They swear by their e cigs simply because of the freedom that comes with their e cig kit: the freedom to smoke anywhere-anytime! The smoking ban in the UK has forced many smokers to go out of a restaurant, bar, shopping centre or their offices and homes to grab a smoke. But this is not the case with e cigarette smokers. This is because- e cigs are smokeless cigarettes which can be inhaled anywhere as they release only vapour. People looking for alternatives to tobacco cigarettes have found the perfect solution with ecigs because they are very close to the real thing.

    Vaping is more popular than ever. They are stylish and affordable. Many vapers who switched to electronic cigarettes from regular tobacco cigarettes have let us know that after they made the switch, they soon realised how much they were spending on tobacco cigarettes, especially as tobacco prices are rising continuously.

    So, what are you still waiting for? No toxic smoke, freedom to smoke anywhere and a lot of savings- switch to e cigs now!

  • Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues

    Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues.

    Financial and industry experts from the UK all agree with this one fact:

    • the electronic cigarette industry is booming and how!

    The figures from the last couple of years are especially encouraging. Quoting the numbers provided by the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association, in the year 2011, the worth of the e cigarette industry was £5m-£10m.

    While we are still in 2012, the upward swing in electronic cigarette popularity is continuing. As per the Association’s estimates, this growth is around 50% annually and is expected to continue unabated till 2014.

    The manufacturers are spreading out and prepping to serve an expanding consumer base.

    The ECCA has also added that seeing the increasing number of vapers in the UK is expected to reach the count anywhere between 500,000-600,000 people.

    Electronic Cigarette Industry- The Boom Continues

    Even the tobacco companies have seen the huge potential of electronic cigarettes and have started making forays in to the vaping industry.

    R.J. Reynolds is one of the brands that have made an entry.
    Other companies have noticed that more and more people are choosing e cigs as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

    That is why they have set up ventures to come up with tobacco alternatives. The biggest name engaged in finding alternatives is British American Tobacco which established Nicoventures to find cigarette replacements and is presently working on a dedicated nicotine device.

    Major players in the e cigarette industry believe that that as their industry is gaining ground and solidifying its presence. Things are looking up with increased investments and marketing support being provided for the industry.

    Innovations are on in e cig designs, eliquid flavours and more. The future seems pretty exciting for e cig users!

  • Tobacco Companies Lose Fight for Plain Packaging

    Tobacco Companies Lose Fight for Plain Packaging.

    Top companies in Australia lost a tough legal battle against a government ban.

    The companies in question are big names like:

    • Firstly, Phillip Morris,
    • Secondly, British American Tobacco
    • and Imperial Tobacco
    • Also, they have been ordered by the Australian court to brand their cigarette packs with images of cigarette smoking victims.

    These images on the packs will be explicit showing the extent of internal damage tobacco causes.

    The purpose behind the idea is to make smokers see the damage they may be doing to their bodies and eventually discourage them from smoking.

    The tobacco companies opposed this order:

    •  wanted to continue on their regular branding practices,
    • but the Australian court dismissed their appeal.

    As per the new court order:

    • cigarette packs coming out from December 1 will have these images on them.
    • Australia’s Attorney General, Nicola Roxon has been quoted across the media saying,

    “The message to the rest of the world is, ‘big tobacco can be taken on and beaten’. Without brave governments willing to take the fight up to big tobacco. They’d still have us believing that tobacco is neither harmful nor addictive.”

    After this monumental decision being implemented by the highest court in Australia:

    • the European Union is also considering to follow suit by banning logos found on cigarette packs.
    • The Union has to review its 2001 Tobacco Products Directive in the near future
    • and is considering this ban in the continent.
    • The British government itself is all set to take a decision on plain packaging after it wrapped up a four-month consultation.

    Do you think plain packaging will deter people from smoking? Vape on your e juice while you mull on it to get some great thoughts!

  • New Study - Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart

    New Study - Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart.

    E cigarettes have found new favour with scientists it seems, and it is something we have welcomed.

    The latest study to come out in favour of ecigs says:

    • that they do not cause harm to the heart.
    • Also, Please keep in mind that Ecigaretteweb promotes and sells e cigs as tobacco cigarette alternatives only. We make no claims for any e cig health benefits.

    Moving to this ground breaking study:

    • The European Society of Cardiology has released this study recently. “Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart” taken up by a Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.
    • Also, The researchers found that smoking one tobacco cigarette led to significant acute myocardial dysfunction. Electronic cigarettes had no acute adverse effects on cardiac function.

    The study compared the damage:

    • that cigarettes do to the heart against electronic cigarettes
    • and any harm they may cause, and e cigarettes came out on top

    They measured myocardial function in:

    • 20 daily smokers aged 25-45 before and after smoking one tobacco cigarette. Also, 22 daily electronic cigarette users of similar age before and after using the device for 7 minutes.
    • They not only measured heart rate and blood pressure. Also echocardiography, a process. Which uses sound waves to create an image of the heart and test how well the valves are working.
    • One of the main focuses for this study was the left ventricle which receives oxygenated blood in order for this to be pumped around the body.
    • The results showed increases in blood pressure and heart rate for tobacco smokers along with significant defects in the left ventricle function indicating worsening function.
    • For the electronic cigarette users, none of the echocardiographic tests showed any significant worsening.
    • They did see a ‘slight elevation’ in the diastolic (resting phase) blood pressure and concluded this was due to nicotine being absorbed at a lower rate than tobacco smoking.

    The study says,

    “It is too early to say whether the electronic cigarette is a revolution in tobacco harm reduction but the potential is there. Laboratory analyses indicate that it is significantly less toxic and our study has shown no significant defects in cardiac function after acute use.”

    This news comes in quite soon after vapour produced by e cigarette cartridges was shown in a study to have no effect of “passive vaping” in blood counts of non-users, and has been accepted with great joy by the entire e cig industry.

  • E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience

    E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience.

    If you are new to e cigs, you could well be overwhelmed with their usage tips available all over the internet.

    There are many great sites offering:

    • news,
    • tips
    • and hints about how to use e cigs,
    • where to buy them from
    • and the multitude of flavours of e juice.
    • In fact the paraphernalia associated with e juice needs a bit of understanding as well.
    • But rest assured that if you find out the flavour and strength of electronic liquid which suits. You are set to enjoy a thoroughly satisfying smoking experience.

    Electronic cigarette suppliers provide e liquids in a number of flavours.

    You can choose from:

    • mouth-watering flavours
    • including fruity delights as well as popular tastes like coffee, cola
    • and of course the tobacco flavoured e liquid.
    • Take your pick also from apple, chocolate, cherry, american blend, menthol, vanilla, gold and silver flavoured e juices.

    As many have chosen e cigs as an alternative to regular cigarettes. It is not surprising that you are inclined towards trying the tobacco flavoured eliquid first.

    There are many tobacco flavours:

    • that imitate the taste delivered by popular cigarette brands
    • and using these will give you a very similar satisfaction as you get from a tobacco cigarette.
    • The simulation of smoking a real cigarette is helped with a tobacco flavoured e juice. But without the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke.

    You can choose the nicotine density ranging from ‘zero’ to ‘ super high’ in your e juice so there is a combination to suit all palates. We hope this basic beginner’s information is helpful for you. What flavours of e juice do you like? Share your views please.

  • No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users

    No Effect Of “Passive Vaping” in Blood Counts Of Non-Users.

    There is a new study which has come into light proving that e cigarettes are completely safe to be smoked. Also, The vapour released has no effect to passive vapers.

    There is a renowned study and research centre in Greece which has come out with a study titled:

    “Acute effects of electronic and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood count.”

    And can be found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22858449.

    The research was conducted by an ex WHO health expert. It studied the blood count levels of research participants who were made to breathe normally. Breathe e cig vapour and also breathe in tobacco cigarette smoke.

    The study concluded that:

    • there was an adverse effect on the smokers and passive smoker’s blood count only as a result of inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke.
    • And most importantly the smoker and passive smoker remained unaffected while breathing e cig vapour.
    • The results of the study showed:
    • that in case of smokers and passive smokers,
    • the complete blood count (CBC) indices shot up after inhaling
    • or being exposed to regular cigarette smoke and lymphocyte,
    • white blood cell, and granulocyte counts increased.
    • While when these people were exposed to the vapour released from the e liquid being vaporised, they remained completely unaffected.

    The research concludes on the note that:

    • there are other areas which need to be evaluated for consumer product safety of electronic cigarettes.
    • But one thing is certain according to this study. E cigs are completely safe to be smoked anywhere,anytime in public areas. The vapour does not cause any harm to the passive vaper.
    • So, when someone speaks of potential dangers of passive vaping, you know better than to believe them!
  • Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon

    Hollywood Celebrities on the Vaping Bandwagon.

    Most of you ‘Twilight’ fans would know that:

    • our very own English actor Robert Pattinson has suffered a cruel heartbreak from cheating girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart.

    Also, Robert has been a vaper for some time now.

    His smoking choices made news:

    • firstly, when he was reported to be back to regular cigarettes.
    • secondly, post his traumatic and very public breakup.
    • And the latest we have from news sources in Hollywood is that Robert has healed sufficiently and is back to vaping. Way to go Rob!

    Also, There are a number of other Hollywood celebrities too. Who have taken to the alternative to cigarettes- the electronic cigarette.

    Perhaps the biggest publicity bubble was created by The Ugly Truth star Katherine Heigl:

    • who vaped on a popular TV chat show Late Show with David Letterman.
    • Katherine not only smoked an e cigarette but also endorsed them as free of the harmful toxins found in regular cigarette smoke.
    • Also, She aimed to prove that the vapour produced by the vaporised e juice was totally harmless to the people around smokers.

    Some of the other big names in showbiz include Kate Moss:

    • who has been seen vaping.
    • Also, The Inception star- Leonardo DiCaprio is also known to vape and has been spotted and duly photographed while vaping.
    • And who is to forget the scenes from the 2010 movie The Tourist where Johnny Depp was seen smoking e cigarettes.

    Do you know of any other celebs of the film or music industry who smoke electronic cigs? Share your insights via the comments below.

  • A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

    Ever since electronic cigarettes have come in to the picture. They have been followed by innumerable debates on their ‘health benefits.

    Some manufacturers across the UK pitch e-cig as a healthy choice for smokers. We have always strived to offer high quality e-cigs. The best alternative to traditional cigarettes with a great choice of e liquid flavours.

    A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

    Well, coming back to the e cig regulation we may soon see this taking shape as hinted by a report in The Sun. The report said that presently 2 million people in the United Kingdom have given electronic cigarettes a shot.

    And more than 1% of the total UK population consists of regular vapers. This means around 650,000 Britons smoke e-cigs on a regular basis. And the revelation of these figures has caused the Health Minister Simon Burns to look into the health concerns associated by E-cigs because they claim some have been “found to pose a potential danger”. The fact that tobacco cigarettes are given the ‘green light’ when they have been proven to be extremely harmful is a point to note.

    The MHRA has been quoted as saying “It’s illegal to sell e-cigarettes as a ‘quit smoking’ aid unless they’re licensed as a medicine.” The Shadow health minister Diane Abbott has however, made a statement in support of e cigs by saying that electronic cigarettes can be a big help for UK’s smokers but are being “held back by a lack of scientific research” on their functioning.

    What do you think? Are E cigarettes being held back? Drop in your views in the comments below.

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