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  • Rescue Your Cash - Stop Smoking

    Life without smoking is full of health and financial benefits.

    Most people are aware of health risks involved.

    There are many reason why you should quit this bad habit for good. NHS Smokefree website has many advice and information, even include free Quit Kits, interesting smartphone apps etc. All this just to help you kick the habit and be free.


    Also you can find calculator which just in a few seconds show you how much your habit cost you. Raw numbers should speak load enough. A non-smoker may think those numbers are shocking. Are there also  surprising for you?

    For example If you are a person with the average 12-a-day habit you are spending around £1,854 on cigarettes over the course of a year. Over 20 years you could save as much as  £37,080.

    Money saved could be boosted after 12 months by a drop in your life insurance premiums.

    If you find difficult to break this nicotine habit try to weaning yourself away using e-cigarettes.

    The trick to quitting smoking with e-cigarettes is to do things slowly and plan changes in advance.

    If you need any help with choosing best e-cigarette for you or tips how to use them to stop smoking then please get in contact with us here at eCigaretteWeb.

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    Monthly Special Offers MAY

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  • Celebrities openly vaping e-cigarettes

    There has certainly been an increase in celebrities now smoking e-cigarettes.  They have been seen vaping openly and at high society events to.

    Tiger Coco E Cig Cartomisers

    Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted vaping at the Oscars when he was nominated for Best Actor award & he won. He has been seen many times before vaping both in public and at important celebrity events.

    Tom Hardy uploaded a picture of himself vaping, just before the Oscars.

    Charlie Sheen found he wasn't able to smoke easily or when he wanted whilst working and on tour so he is also now smoking e-cigarettes. Katy Perry and Robbie Williams have also been spotted out in public vaping.

    Even the older generation of celebrities have decided to kick the smoking habit and take up e-cigarettes with the likes of Jack Nicholson being spotted vaping to.

    SImon Cowell who makes no secret of his heavy smoking habit, according to reports, has also changed to vaping instead.

    Interestingly, more and more key figures are switching across to e-cigarettes to benefit their health.  To benefit yours to take advantage of our Spring May Bank Holiday offer. Don't forget to click on the below links to receive your special discount.


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  • No increase in teenagers vaping

    Again, there are more reports showing no increase in teenagers taking up vaping.

    vaping allowedThere have been many news stories and more recently a report by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. There was concern that the E-Cigarette encourages teenagers to vape.

    However, a more recent study has revealed that teenagers are noticing the e-cigarette advertisements. There is no direct correlation to them using it or a rise in teenagers taking up vaping.

    Reports on the increase in vaping use is showing to be for smokers who want to stop. They do not encouraging teenagers to start.

    Another recent study from the University of Cambridge agrees with this as they asked nearly 500 children between 11 and 16 whether they were likely to try vaping or smoking after seeing adverts for e-cigarette.

    According to the study the children were not tempted to take up vaping by watching the adverts. The National Institute of Drug Abuse based in US has also reported that over 50% of teenagers who do smoke e-cigarettes do not use an e-liquid that has nicotine in it anyway.

    Tiger Coco E Liquid

    More positive reports that vaping is helping smokers rather than encouraging youngsters to start smoking or vaping.



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  • No ban in Wales for e-cigarettes

    No ban in Wales for e-cigarettes.

    Interestingly a public health bill in Wales. It included a ban on e-cigarettes in some public places has been rejected.

    Plaid Cymru proposed to the Welsh Government that the bill should not be put forward. The assembly should resume after the Easter break to vote on the bill. All topics concerning e-cigarettes removed.

    Whilst some I am sure are disappointed at the change of heart.

    It does seem to show again that e-cigarettes are supported by many Government bodies.

    The NHS are certainly also driving forward to "improve public health" and have huge campaigns to stop smoking.

    Including data that states:

    • firstly, smoking causes 80% of lung cancer deaths,
    • secondly, smokers are 3 times more likely to have a stroke
    • also, it can shorten your lifespan by 10 years

    Go online with us today:

    • purchase your e-cigarettes for a healthier lifestyle whilst saving money to.

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  • How much does smoking cigarettes cost you?

    How much does smoking cigarettes cost you?

    How much does smoking cigarettes cost you?

    As any smoker knows smoking is a very expensive habit.  The NHS have a great link which shows you exactly how much smoking costs you and the results are quite astounding. To find out your own individual spend Click here

    On average, if you smoke say 20 cigarettes a day, this will cost you around £60 per week, which is £263 per month and a staggering £3158 per year.  When you see it in figures it really does make you think and think what you can do with the extra cash?

    By giving up smoking and choosing e-cigarettes you can make substantial savings in your pocket.  With your savings you can splash out and go on that extra holiday you had been hoping for or save the money and see it mounting up.

    Of course added to the above is the increase from the 2016 Budget which has just been released.

    They confirmed a 2% increase above inflation on cigarettes/ tobacco which equates roughly to a rise of 21p a packet.  Plus a 3% increase in hand rolled tobacco which equates to around 37p a packet.

    Costs of smoking cigarettes are only increasing year on year so to start saving money today, whilst not forgetting the health benefits to,  take advantage of our special offers on starter kits and e-liquids.

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  • E-cigarette - license for use under NHS

    E-cigarette - license for use under NHS. It is interesting subject.

    Ecigarette - Green Light

    UK regulators have given the “all clear”.

    • Firstly, It allows the British American Tobacco e-cigarette to help people give up smoking.
    • Also, E-cigarette has been given a license to be sold as a tool to quit smoking in the UK.

    It can be given as prescription. This license was apparently approved in the last month or so.

    Government Endorsement

    The UK government’s public health agency has confirmed:

    "electronic cigarettes are at least 95% safer"

    The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency:

    • have  want to encourage electronic cigarette companies to submit license for e-cigarettes.
    • also,  They hoped to see more e-cigarettes applications going forward.

    Existing designs are safe if used correctly. Also, they are effective in helping smokers. The dangers discussed in the Daily Express are based on long puffs. It cause the wick and excessively high voltages.

    There are more positive signs ahead for the e-cigarette.

    Please click here for our homepage and products.

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  • No Smoking Day - 9 March 2016

    No Smoking Day
    Wednesday 9 March 2016


    Every year The British Heart Foundation launch “No Smoking Day”.   This year it is on Wednesday 9 March 2016.

    No Smoking Day is just around the corner so an ideal opportunity to prepare in advance and purchase your e-cigarettes to help you on the big day.

    The advantages and obvious health benefits of quitting smoking can be seen after just 24 hours. After 24 hours your lungs start cleaning out the tar and after only 3-9 months your lungs will have up to 10% more oxygen.

    The first ever No Smoking Day was held in 1984 on Ash Wednesday and it now occurs each year on the second Wednesday in March.

    No Smoking Day - 9 March 2016

    Some research conducted back in 2009 found that 1 in 10 smokers do quit on No Smoking Day.

    Dr Mike Knapton, a British Heart Foundation Associate Medical Director, said:
    "We’re asking smokers to mark Wednesday 9 March on their calendars to take the first step towards a smoke-free life.”

    In addition to the obvious health problems smoking can cause there is also a
    huge issue with both oral and dental health.

    Dr Mike Knapton went on to say:
    “By quitting smoking you can stop or even reverse the effects on your oral health."

    The British Heart Foundation are asking all dental health professionals to actively encourage their patients to quit smoking and to raise awareness of the dental and oral problems they could incur if they continue.  They have also been asked to promote aids such as e-cigarettes.

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    with 20% off our Starter and Micro E-Cig Kits.valentines day vaping

    Give your loved one's the best gift this Valentine's Day.  With our special offers and discounts you can't go wrong.

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    Our Micro Kits include a battery, 2 cartomisers (high & medium) and a USB Charger.

    You can select which strength you require - Low, Medium, High or Super High and which flavour you prefer - tobacco or menthol.

    Our e-cigarettes give you a satisfying and pleasing way to smoke or ‘vape’ like a traditional cigarette and avoid the problems associated with tobacco smoking.  They offer you the nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide, tobacco and other harmful substances that can be found in the traditional cigarette.

    As additional bonuses there is no odour from e-cigarettes leaving you ash and smoke free, and of course the added benefit of being up to 80% cheaper to.

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  • Media Negativity Driving Vaping Growth?

    It's a simple observation that to teens, something perceived as 'dangerous' or controversial instantly becomes more cool than it was.

    Most vendors of e-cigarettes absolutely don't want to target pre-adults and the industry wants to feel that it is part of a helpful change in peoples lives - we just want to get on with our business serving those who want to reduce the harm of their tobacco habit and who want to save money at the same time. The market for this is actually massive (tobacco sales were more than £15 Billion in 2012 in the UK alone). We welcome more regulation specifically at stopping underage uptake of nicotine products and encourage better quality standards, because that will help everybody, and benefit those who are aiming at tobacco harm reduction.

    But particularly in 2014, there was a striking tendency for the media to report hysterically on research that overwhelmingly actually showed e-cigaretes to be much safer than smoking, so as to greatly exaggerate the risks. It hasn't had any effect though in slowing sales, which are growing rapidly.

    The side-effect of all this unjustified negativity, could, just possibly be to increase usage in the very groups nobody wants to get involved. The use of e-cigs by teenagers has been very low except as a tobacco replacement product, so that is not making the situation any worse. Teens previously viewed electronic cigarettes as fundamentally uncool, and that was when it was viewed as safe in the media. But if (absurd) negative press makes e-cigs 'cool' to teens, then the media could be generating a problem. And they should know better.

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