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  • Happy New Year's E-Cigarette Offer

    A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.


    What a better way to start the New Year off than to save money on your E-Cigarette purchases.

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    The cartomisers themselves on average last approximately 300 puffs, compared to a regular cigarette which is approximately 10 puffs.  Therefore, the E-Cigarette cartomisers will last around 30 cigarettes.

    With this in mind, you can see how much cheaper it is using E-Cigarettes not forgetting to mention the health benefits too!

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  • New US E-cigarettes Study

    Tiger Coco E Cigarette BatteryThe United States Centre for Disease Control has recently published a report to say their initial investigations on
    e-cigarettes may not be correct.

    Their study involved who in the US uses e-cigarettes, they found that 12.6% had tried them, but only 3.4% of non-smokers have tried and a small 0.4% of people who have never smoked have used them. This is a different finding to their earlier statements that they may encourage people to start smoking.

    Their most significant research was a study on all those who have or do currently use e-cigarettes.

    It showed 47.6% of existing smokers had tried e-cigarettes and 55.4% of smokers who had now stopped had used e-cigarettes. Therefore showing e-cigarettes do help smokers to give up.

    There have been other studies that support the above findings, including one from England's Public Health which showed that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco.

    This adds to a growing volume of data that suggests that e-cigarettes are valuable in helping people to give up smoking or at the very least cutting down on the amount that they do smoke.

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  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free this Christmas

    xmas e-cig offersA very Merry Christmas to all our E-Cigarette customers.

    As a special Christmas present to all our loyal customers we are offering a “BUY 1 GET 1 FREE” deal on all our E-cigarette Super Kits and Micro Kits.

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    The Micro Kit includes 1 rechargeable battery, 2 cartomisers (1 x high & 1 x medium) and 1 USB Charger.

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  • Positive E-Cig Studies

    Obviously, the final proof is not in yet, and this does not constitute medical advice, but there are some papers now showing advantages of e-cigarettes over smoking tobacco. Here is a selection of positive e-cig studies for your interest;

    • E-cigarettes are up to 450 times less toxic than tobacco smoke
      a study by the British Medical Journal has proved that second hand inhalation of vapour has no potential risk to a non-user.
    • E-cigarette vapour and inhalation is nearly the same as breathing in air in your front room
      scientists recently confirmed that there are virtually the same toxins in the e-cig as there is in a room inside your home. They also noted that tobacco produces over 1,500 more carcinogenic compounds than e-cig vapour.

    • There are more potential risks of poisoning for children in the home than from E-cigs
      The American Association of Poison Control Centers has shown in a report that children are more likely to have toxin exposure and /or poisoning through household products such as bleach etc than they would from e-cig vapour.
    • E-cigarettes have helped smokers to stop
      Action for Smoking & Health have mentioned that e-cigs are both safe and a good alternative to smoking tobacco. Also confirming that changing from tobacco to e-cigs have helped people to stop smoking.
    • Government studies agree that E-Cigs help people to stop smoking
      The National Center for Biotechnology Information in America, have published a report confirming that e-cigs are the greatest improvement in lowering smoking-related deaths and illnesses associated with smoking in over 10 years.

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  • Are E-Cig Users Ex-Smokers?

    E Cig Cartomisers Cartomisers / Artomiser replacements can be refilled

    There has been some discussion as to whether the e-cig is now being used by people that have never smoked a cigarette.

    However, a new study shows that 48% of smokers said they have tried e-cigs and those who have recently stopped smoking, more than 55%, have done so by using e-cigs.

    There is a report from the American Vaping Association (AVA) showing that hardly any non-smokers use e-cigarettes and they are mainly being used by current and ex-smokers. There is some data that shows young non-smokers using e-cigs but the AVA believe that the data shows young non-smokers trying out the e-cigs but not becoming addicted so they try it out.

    The NPR – Truven Health Poll shows wide support from the public for regulation of e-cigs by the Food and Drug Administration.

    In the poll it showed the main reason for people trying e-cigs was to help them give up smoking, other reasons high on the poll was replacing a tobacco product, healthier alternative to tobacco, recommendation from friends and family, ability to use in smoke free areas and eliminate secondhand smoke from others.

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  • E-Cig Debate Continues to Rage but UK Gov Embraces

    This is quite surprising to read on a government website, but it is very welcome to the many people who have used an e-cig to help themselves give up smoking.

    UK - Gov states that Ecigs can be quit aids and at least 95% Safer

    They also seem to point out that the alarmist reports in the media have been counterproductive and created a misleading impression when they state;

    • nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking

    They also pointed out that hardly anybody has taken up e-cigs who were never previous smokers, allaying the fear that e-cigs are a gateway drug.

    But it's not all good news, in spite of these expert-recommended reviews. Policy makers, particularly in Wales, are continuing to push strong restrictions on indoor e-cigarette use.




  • Royal Society Says Promote E-Cigs

    The Royal Society for Public Health has done what was the unthinkable amongst Public Health bodies and actually backed ecigarettes as an alternative to smoking, saying that public health professionals should embrace and promote this option. Yes, promote ecigs as an alternative.

    This is a momentous sea-change in the political landscape. Part of the recommendations they have made are that we need a campaign to separate out the concept of addiction to nicotine and the pollutants in cigarettes like tar and heavy metals, and to promote nicotine-only e-cigarettes as an alternative.

    This marks a great moment within our Health System, and it seems to stem from a gradual realisation that e-cigarettes are not only much safer, but also pretty effective quit-aids.

    In the article by The Guardian, one very interesting point was made that we have written on before - scientists are concluding that nicotine is actually not very addictive by itself, and this view is making its way up into senior, respected health policy institutions.

  • Ecigarettes Not a Gateway

    According to results on English Ecig users, Ecigarettes got a clean bill of health, at least in terms of the theory that they could encourage our youth into smoking conventional cigarettes. No evidence could be found in the sample of young users to suggest ecigarettes were leading to smoking. Very few who had experimented took it up as a habit, at around 3%. This figure is much lower than with cigarettes so we can conclude that ecigarettes are not very addictive. Additionally none were never smokers, which strongly suggests that those using ecigarettes are simply switching from cigarettes.

    See more here - Tobacco Analysis

    Meanwhile, in America, an interesting article on Forbes (Why Is The CDC Lying About E-Cigarettes?) highlights similar findings in the US. The rates of teenager use of cigarettes and ecigs has been moving in opposite directions. We have to scratch ones head hard to see how this finding can be consistent with an e-cig 'gateway' effect.

    The National Youth Tobacco Survey showed that smoking rates were falling amongst American High School students, whilst there has been a steep rise in middle school e-cigarette use. It appears then that more efforts are needed to discourage ecigarette use amongst the youth but at least it isn't leading to an increase in smoking, and appears to be replacing it.

    While a consensus has not yet been reached on this contentious issue, the ecig industry should obviously still be adult-orientated to ensure it does not appeal to the young.

  • Scottish Government Proposes Balance on E-Cigs

    Scottish Government Proposes Balance on E-Cigs.

    A new Bill being proposed in Scotland.It has been well received by anti-tobacco groups including ASH Scotland.

    The Bill seeks to restrict usage by under 18's. Also,  it aims to avoid restricting the devices to existing adult smokers.

    ASH Scotland have a progressive stand on the devices; “The urgent priority is to reduce the enormous harm caused by tobacco use. We believe that e-cigarettes will prove to be much less harmful than smoking – so for a smoker to switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes will bring significant health benefits and we welcome the Scottish Government’s attempts not to over-regulate and stifle the e-cigarette market.

    “Yet e-cigarettes are not harmless. The best health outcomes will still come from being free of any addictive substance and the measures announced today to protect young people from the commercial interests who would sell them such devices are justified and proportionate.” said ASH Scotlands Chief Executive.

  • WHO Expert Supports Better Regulation Rather Than Bans

    Better Regulation Rather Than Bans.

    Professor Wayne Hall of the University of Queensland, who is an Adviser to the WHO, is a researcher in the field of substance abuse.

    Better Regulation Rather Than Bans

    He has condemned Australia's tough stance on e-cigarettes which sees them categorised like Heroin or Cocaine. He states they should not need approval to be classed as medical devices for existing users to get access to them.

    We believe he speaks a great deal of sense! See more here

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