New Study Adds to Evidence Saying Vaping is Safe

The latest research on conventional e-cigs has been published, in the wake of the highly misleading formaldehyde scare, and it tested not only all the toxins looked at before and found to be almost absent from e-cig vapour but also the carbonyls, like formaldehyde. As anticipated, the study didn't find any problem with these chemicals and concluded that vapour was almost as-non toxic as the surrounding air!

So comparing an e-cig with a cigarette, the evidence is now building up that if used as most people do, an e-cig is in the same safety category of other nicotine replacement therapies, whilst the data is leaning also to the conclusion that e-cigs unique blend of characteristics, the sensation and ritual aspects as well as the nicotine delivery from it, add up to a more effective smoking quit-aid than other products on the market.

See a good article here and the study is available here.

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