How much does smoking cigarettes cost you?


How much does smoking cigarettes cost you?

As any smoker knows smoking is a very expensive habit.  The NHS have a great link which shows you exactly how much smoking costs you and the results are quite astounding. To find out your own individual spend Click here

On average, if you smoke say 20 cigarettes a day, this will cost you around £60 per week, which is £263 per month and a staggering £3158 per year.  When you see it in figures it really does make you think and think what you can do with the extra cash?

By giving up smoking and choosing e-cigarettes you can make substantial savings in your pocket.  With your savings you can splash out and go on that extra holiday you had been hoping for or save the money and see it mounting up.

Of course added to the above is the increase from the 2016 Budget which has just been released.  They confirmed a 2% increase above inflation on cigarettes/ tobacco which equates roughly to a rise of 21p a packet.  Plus a 3% increase in hand rolled tobacco which equates to around 37p a packet.

Costs of smoking cigarettes are only increasing year on year so to start saving money today, whilst not forgetting the health benefits to,  take advantage of our special offers on starter kits and e-liquids.

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