New Study - Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart

New Study - Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart.

E cigarettes have found new favour with scientists it seems, and it is something we have welcomed.

The latest study to come out in favour of ecigs says:

  • that they do not cause harm to the heart.
  • Also, Please keep in mind that Ecigaretteweb promotes and sells e cigs as tobacco cigarette alternatives only. We make no claims for any e cig health benefits.

Moving to this ground breaking study:

  • The European Society of Cardiology has released this study recently. “Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart” taken up by a Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.
  • Also, The researchers found that smoking one tobacco cigarette led to significant acute myocardial dysfunction. Electronic cigarettes had no acute adverse effects on cardiac function.

The study compared the damage:

  • that cigarettes do to the heart against electronic cigarettes
  • and any harm they may cause, and e cigarettes came out on top

They measured myocardial function in:

  • 20 daily smokers aged 25-45 before and after smoking one tobacco cigarette. Also, 22 daily electronic cigarette users of similar age before and after using the device for 7 minutes.
  • They not only measured heart rate and blood pressure. Also echocardiography, a process. Which uses sound waves to create an image of the heart and test how well the valves are working.
  • One of the main focuses for this study was the left ventricle which receives oxygenated blood in order for this to be pumped around the body.
  • The results showed increases in blood pressure and heart rate for tobacco smokers along with significant defects in the left ventricle function indicating worsening function.
  • For the electronic cigarette users, none of the echocardiographic tests showed any significant worsening.
  • They did see a ‘slight elevation’ in the diastolic (resting phase) blood pressure and concluded this was due to nicotine being absorbed at a lower rate than tobacco smoking.

The study says,

“It is too early to say whether the electronic cigarette is a revolution in tobacco harm reduction but the potential is there. Laboratory analyses indicate that it is significantly less toxic and our study has shown no significant defects in cardiac function after acute use.”

This news comes in quite soon after vapour produced by e cigarette cartridges was shown in a study to have no effect of “passive vaping” in blood counts of non-users, and has been accepted with great joy by the entire e cig industry.

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