Electronic Cigarette Industry Continues to Grow Globally

The UK is already witnessing a rapid increase in the consumer acceptance of electric cigarettes and the trend is visible all across the globe.

  • A recent report in Forbes.com talks about how top e cig companies are growing because their products are covering newer grounds in the consumer marketplace with each passing day.
  • In a report very aptly titled “E-cigs are ready to explode,” the writer has shared news on the increasing acceptance of electronic cigarettes as one of the best “non-traditional nicotine delivery systems.” The story discusses how the e cig industry will explode as a result of dynamic marketing combined with advanced technological innovations.

People are opening their minds to the e cig (2010 government survey shows 2.7 per cent Americans had tried the electronic cigarette).

  • The e cig user base is spreading fast- as indicated by the great sales numbers of $30 million (earned in 2011) by a US ecig company. The potential of e cigs has been realised by tobacco companies as well. That is why the $30 million earning company has been bought by Lorillard (a top tobacco company) for a massive $135 million. The earnings of the ecig industry in the US is estimated to be somewhere between $250- $500 million per year and expanding at a rapid rate.
  • The Forbes story went on to name e cig brands and even focus on one study case to reveal how that brand is seeing a great 77% of annual growth. Such news is always welcomed by the ecig industry globally. Have you heard of any new progress stories? Do share them in the comments below and don’t forget to explore each new Ecig flavour from UK.
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