Which e-liquid nicotine level to choose

Which e-liquid nicotine level to choose

Deciding which e-liquid nicotine level to choose can be a little overwhelming. So here are a few helpful tips to enable you to make a better and well informed decision.

Here are the different e-liquid levels and what they really mean.

0% Nicotine

There is no nicotine in this e-liquid at all.  This level is great if you are cutting down on your nicotine intake but still want to vape occasionally.

1.1% Nicotine

A good choice if you are looking to completely stop nicotine or if you are a very light smoker who wants to move to vaping instead.

1.4% Nicotine

This is classed as a medium level and good for any smokers that are currently smoking a light packet per day.

1.8% Nicotine

This is the higher level and is generally the one people choose when they are first starting out with vaping having stopped smoking cigarettes.

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