E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience

E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience.

If you are new to e cigs, you could well be overwhelmed with their usage tips available all over the internet.

There are many great sites offering:

  • news,
  • tips
  • and hints about how to use e cigs,
  • where to buy them from
  • and the multitude of flavours of e juice.
  • In fact the paraphernalia associated with e juice needs a bit of understanding as well.
  • But rest assured that if you find out the flavour and strength of electronic liquid which suits. You are set to enjoy a thoroughly satisfying smoking experience.

Electronic cigarette suppliers provide e liquids in a number of flavours.

You can choose from:

  • mouth-watering flavours
  • including fruity delights as well as popular tastes like coffee, cola
  • and of course the tobacco flavoured e liquid.
  • Take your pick also from apple, chocolate, cherry, american blend, menthol, vanilla, gold and silver flavoured e juices.

As many have chosen e cigs as an alternative to regular cigarettes. It is not surprising that you are inclined towards trying the tobacco flavoured eliquid first.

There are many tobacco flavours:

  • that imitate the taste delivered by popular cigarette brands
  • and using these will give you a very similar satisfaction as you get from a tobacco cigarette.
  • The simulation of smoking a real cigarette is helped with a tobacco flavoured e juice. But without the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke.

You can choose the nicotine density ranging from ‘zero’ to ‘ super high’ in your e juice so there is a combination to suit all palates. We hope this basic beginner’s information is helpful for you. What flavours of e juice do you like? Share your views please.

One thought on “E Liquid Flavours Offer a Great Vaping Experience”

  • I started smnikog 20 years ago (roughly). I started thinking about e-cigs about six months ago. I have no desire to quit smnikog, but I was concerned about the health ramifications. E-cigs seem like a way for me to have a habit that I enjoy, but with fewer health concerns. And, this will sound silly, but my cats factored into my decision to switch. I worried about their little lungs. (I know I know not so concerned about my lungs, but OH NO don't mess with the kitty!) I didn't like the way they'd react when they'd get near me with a lit cigarette. They'd wince and dash away from it. They do not react negatively to the e-cig. One nuzzled the LED today seriously. I think they like the light. My starter kit arrived two weeks ago. (I'm new to vaping, but I'm here because I hope to help others.) My transition has been very smooth. I still think about analog cigarettes, but not strongly enough to go out and buy them. There is some element that's missing with e-cigs. I can't quite identify it. I'm not experiencing nicotine withdrawals, but I can tell there's something I was getting before that I'm not getting now. It's very minor and vague.I'm using Blu and I'm very happy with it. It was the correct choice for me, but it may or may not be the correct choice for someone else. My mother has ordered her starter kit and, if the situation allows, I'll report on her progress with the transition from smnikog to vaping as appropriate. +15

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