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  • New to E-Cigarettes?

    New to E-Cigarettes?  then here's our top tips for vaping....


    • If your battery light keeps flashing it means your battery is low. Ensure you recharge it and use the spare battery.
    • Don't forget to charge your battery regularly as this will ensure you get the most vapour out of your e-cigarette.
    • Ensure you have a back up.  This is why our starter kits come with two batteries, one battery to charge while the other is being used.
    • Don't run out of cartomisers, ensure you always order a few more than you think you will need. You don't want to sneak back to smoking just because you have run out.
    • Take long, slow puffs as this will give you the most vapour and therefore you will get the most out of your e-cigarette

    This may sound obvious, but don't leave your e-cigarette in direct sunlight or near heat as this may damage your battery.

    • Don't be set on using just one strength, we have several different strengths ranging from Zero through to Super High.  Also worth remembering that nicotine isn't absorbed in quite the same way as it is with smoking . Once you have been vaping for a while, you may find you want to reduce the amount of nicotine and go down a level.
    • Buy a lower strength cartomiser as well as the strength you really want.  To begin with  you’re going to want to be using it a lot and you could end up absorbing more nicotine than you would normally. You can then go to your normal strength once the novelty has worn off.  We have Zero, Low, Medium, High & Super High. So perhaps start off with Low/ Medium and then go onto High or Super High depending on your requirements.

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  • Rescue Your Cash - Stop Smoking

    Life without smoking is full of health and financial benefits.

    Most people are aware of health risks involved.

    There are many reason why you should quit this bad habit for good. NHS Smokefree website has many advice and information, even include free Quit Kits, interesting smartphone apps etc. All this just to help you kick the habit and be free.


    Also you can find calculator which just in a few seconds show you how much your habit cost you. Raw numbers should speak load enough. A non-smoker may think those numbers are shocking. Are there also  surprising for you?

    For example If you are a person with the average 12-a-day habit you are spending around £1,854 on cigarettes over the course of a year. Over 20 years you could save as much as  £37,080.

    Money saved could be boosted after 12 months by a drop in your life insurance premiums.

    If you find difficult to break this nicotine habit try to weaning yourself away using e-cigarettes.

    The trick to quitting smoking with e-cigarettes is to do things slowly and plan changes in advance.

    If you need any help with choosing best e-cigarette for you or tips how to use them to stop smoking then please get in contact with us here at eCigaretteWeb.

  • Keeping your Vape Free of Formaldehyde

    It isn't difficult to keep safe, and the good news is that it's generally intolerable to inhale when formaldehyde is being generated at significant levels, so you'll know if there is a problem.

    If you use conventional e-cigs, like the ones we sell which look a lot like actual cigarettes, the latest study has given very similar products a clean bill of health. See the study here

    So you don't need to worry (although it remains advisable to keep the unit refilled or swap the cartridge after it goes dry, but again you'll know by the acrid taste.)

    If you are using the higher power, variable voltage systems which have tanks, then follow these steps to stay safe:

    1 - Limit power. You are advised to keep the wattage to 5 Watts or less. This generally corresponds to a voltage of 3.3 Volts. Don't go up to 5 volts. The exact voltage depends actually on the Ohm rating of the coil, which usually can be purchased as 1.8, 2.1, 2.5, 2.8 etc. Here you might think that the higher the rating, the more power is used. Actually, it's the opposite, see this link if you wish to calculate power using Ohms Law.

    The higher the Ohms number, the less power and heating. So go for a 2.5 or higher Ohm coil. This means that higher voltages can be operated before there is any formaldehyde. The wattage is the best guide to this, and formaldehyde is detected at over 10W. The exact level that is safe isn't known because the researchers only tested certain combinations, but under 5W is certainly in the safe zone.

    2 - Go for a bottom filling tank - these have the coil placed at the bottom rather than the top, and you can see this from where the wicks go. This helps prevent the coil running dry, which causes higher temperatures which is the issue. Lowering the wattage by having it on a lower voltage or by higher Ohm coils, should reduce the chances of dry-wick as the e-liquid escapes more slowly.

    3 - Try taking shorter lengths of puff, again to prevent dry wick from occurring momentarily.

    4 - Keep the tank topped up with juice.

  • Cinnamon Flavours to be avoided

    Whilst E-liquids inhaled as vapour do have some cell stress inducing effects, i.e. propylene glycol is a slight irritant unless you are allergic to it, the impact is much less than for smoking. One factor that has been emerging over the last year is a risk particularly from cinnamon flavourings and the temperature of the atomiser, seen in dry-wick conditions and high power devices. You can further improve the harm reduction benefit of switching to vaping from smoking by choosing a low power e-cig or a variable voltage device run under about 4 volts, making sure you dont let the wick run dry by using a bottom fill tank (if using a tank system) or simply keeping it topped up and moving the device sufficiently, and finally, avoid cinnamon flavoured products.

    Cinnamon flavorings are known irritants and sensitisers so should be avoided. You now should be able to vape with some reassurance that the alarmist press reports don't apply to you, and that you are greatly reducing to almost the minimum possible the toxic exposures you were getting from normal cigarettes.

  • Refilling Your Cartomisers

    Cartomisers can be refilled. Here is a trick to help you.

    Cartomisers come with a protective soft plastic cover placed on the end. Keep this aside and when you need to refill, put a little e-liquid into the cover. Then carefully place the end without the screw thread onto the plastic cover which will slowly fill the cartomiser with new e-liquid.

    The cartomiser should not be reused too much in order to keep the vapour tasting fresh, and prevent the generation of carbonyls.

    cartomisers Cartomisers can be refilled
  • Does Vaping Cause Lung Inflammation?

    Electronic Cigarette Smoking Effects on Lung Function

    This question is important to ask and answer. As a vaper and ex-smoker myself, I am concerned that if I continue vaping that I will not be causing harm to my lungs. Improving my lung function was a key objective for switching to vaping.

    I can say that, without any doubt, lung function has improved for me since I switched. Being honest, I can also say that if I vape heavily and with certain vaping devices (high powered vaping devices) I do notice a slight lung inflammation and irritation. But I also get this effect cycling in heavy traffic in London. I would equate the effects as worse for cycling in traffic than typical vaping, and much, much less that for smoking. Anecdotally, most people experience big improvements in lung function after switching from smoking to vaping, and the chemical analysis of vapour and smoke completely agrees with these results - its what we should expect due to the much lower toxicity of vapour.

    But there are still issues some people will experience. As someone with allergies, I can experience strong inflammation from quite random things, such as the air given off by photocopiers and house-hold dust. If I was allergic or sensitised to e-cig vapour I would react badly to it. There are a few people who are sensitive to e-cig vapour in this way, and should avoid it.

    To reduce the potential inflammation that may come from vaping, there are some tips suggested by Dr Farsalinos and co, which point out that although most e-cig devices tested had very low levels of aldehydes (a potential concern in higher doses) a few higher powered devices produced levels high enough to be a concern - similar to that from actually smoking. He also suggests that if you use refillable tank systems, that you should not let it run dry, so keep the tank juice level near the wick or the inlet so it always has enough to run on. This should prevent the temperature rising sufficiently to generate these molecules, which derive from the PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin) ingredients heated too much. Lower wattage or lower voltage coils are found to produce very little of these compounds, vastly less than cigarettes do.

    The scientific case for whether e-cigs produce a small lung irritation is not yet settled, and in fact Dr Farsalinos has found evidence it is either very very small or non existent, at least for most users that aren't allergic to them. For more information on that, click here to see his report.

  • Medical Oxygen Guidelines with all electronic devices

    Many patients who have been prescribed oxygen to use at home have been users of tobacco cigarettes in the past and the use is more common than many imagine.

    With more people now switching to electronic cigarettes instead this has prompted the British Compressed Gases Association to compile guidelines on the safe use of medical oxygen in the home around all electronic devices including ecigarettes.

    Oxygen helps things burn and it's important to note that people should not smoke or vape when using them. In addition you should not charge any electrical devices around the oxygen containers even when not in use. This advice applies to any electronic device including phones, tablets and ecigarettes.

    Rooms should be well ventilated when using oxygen as it can build up on clothes, carpets and upholstery, Any oxygen rich environment can be more hazardous around potential ignition sources which can include any charging devices or batteries.

  • Travelling Restrictions with E-cigarettes

    Travelling Restrictions with E-cigarettes. With increased security around flying, many people are unsure of current rules for taking their ecigarettes and e-liquid abroad.

    Airlines are used to seeing electronic cigarettes these days and you should face no problems when flying abroad with them although they should be kept in your hand luggage and it may not be possible to use them onboard.

    E-liquid can be packed in your suitcase, but it might not be wise in case of breakage or leaking.

    The current restrictions for any liquid seem to be:

    • Each liquid you carry must be in its own container of no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces).
    • All liquids should be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) with a total capacity of up to a litre (approximately one quart).
    • You must be able to completely close the bag and be able to fit it in your hand baggage.
    • The bag of liquids must be taken out of other hand baggage to be screened separately.

    It is therefore fine to travel with them, following the guidelines, but you must check the restrictions for use in the Country you are travelling to, especially outside of the EU.

  • E Liquid - Flavour Combinations

    We offer a great range of E liquid flavours with something to suit everyone. Whether you prefer the fruit flavours of Cherry or Apple or the richer flavours of Coffee, Chocolate or Vanilla. Or perhaps Pure Virginia, American Blend, Gold and Silver or Tobacco is more your thing.

    Many of our customers love to mix and match and find their own favourite blends. Most popular seems to be Vanilla or Cherry Cola but the range gives you the freedom to find something you love.

    Our e liquids are produced to the best specifications and are premium quality. They come in bespoke plastic bottles with integrated drippers or glass bottles with a separate dropper and you can either fill empty cartomisers or refill your old ones.

    With our range we are sure you will find a flavour that suits!

    Tiger Coco E-liquid

  • Smokers coming in from the cold

    Seeing smokers huddled together outside the workplace is a common sight, but as the weather turns colder many could only hope for an alternative.

    E-cigarettes could actually be a boon to productivity. Think of the time it takes smokers to put on their coats and take a lift down to the ground floor and stand in freezing temperatures to smoke.

    However, there is still controversy in the workplace with many employers undecided on whether they should be banned at work.  But with the rising use of electronic cigarettes it would make sense that employees would have no need to leave their desks.

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