Calling Obama Attention to FDA Regulation on Electronic Cigarettes

You must be aware of The White House's ‘We The People’ website that has captured the attention of millions of people in a relatively short time. Here, people usually begin a petition which requires a minimum 25,000 signatures to hear a response from Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America.

Recently, a petition has been developed at the ‘We The People’ website in light of FDA control on electronic cigarettes. This petition asks the White House to keep the FDA from banning or regulating e-cigarettes. More and more vapers are now signing the petition to hear a positive response from Mr. President. People are curious to know the response of Barack Obama on this petition. Before making the final call, The Obama administration would definitely do more research on FDA control in case the petition gets 25,000 signatures before making the final call.

However, it is essential to regulate the use of granted chemical products up to some extent to have clean and safe standards for the companies involved in it. Still, a majority of people think FDA should not impede the basic commerce of organisations which are not as dangerous as other industries.

In the present time, FDA continues to regulate electronic cigarettes but there are numerous quality ecigs in the market that are popular enough to have their own category. Therefore, more and more people are signing the petition of keeping the FDA out of electronic cigarette affairs which does not fall under its reasonable jurisdiction.

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