Breaking News: MEPs vote against regulating E Cigarettes as medicinal products

Today MEPs voted in Paris on the European Parliament's draft tobacco directive.  This directive could become law in 2014.  As part of the proposal, electronic cigarettes were to be reclassified as medical products.

We are very glad to say that this move was rejected as MEPs voted against the directive.  The battle is not yet won however, and we expect to see more discussion with the UK government regarding this in the near future - so stay tuned.  However it is worth noting that this proposal is a much better proposition than classifying e cigarettes as medicial products.  So it is great news for vapers, and thank you to all of those who contacted their MEPs regarding this.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: MEPs vote against regulating E Cigarettes as medicinal products”

  • This is certainly great news, I contacted my MEP and am grateful that for once our opinions were listened to and stopped one of the most ridiculous laws to be passed in a long time. To make it easier to buy tobacco cigarettes than e cigarettes can in no way be seen as a step forward.

  • It is good news, although there is much work to still be done - for example, the current EU directive would ban online sales.

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